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Satellite Broadband

A solid and sturdy internet connection is absolutely vital for staying connected on-site, especially in more remote areas where signal coverage isn't ideal.

With our Satellite Broadband you can connect to the internet anywhere on the globe at any time. With speeds of up to 22mbs, we can ensure a fast and reliable connection for your workforce regardless of how remote the site is.

Our satellite broadband is incredibly simple with no complicated hardware or software setup required ensuring that you are online right away and able to communicate with your team.

Getting online with our satellite broadband is simplicity itself. All you need is a satellite modem, with a sleek design that fits in nicely with your other technology equipment, and a small satellite dish which is placed in a convenient location on site. Then you’re online with up to 20 Mb fast broadband, wherever you are.

Product Information

We offer satellite services from leading providers Tooway, Avanti and SES. All of these come with the option of a fixed I.P. and their coverage is consistent across much of the globe.

  • We recommend a partnership with Clarus Site Solutions for the provision of a Tooway satellite system on your remotely located sites. Our satellite broadband utilises powerful geo-synchronous satellites located in orbit above the equator to provide high quality, reliable broadband to locations throughout Europe.
  • The only equipment required is a satellite dish, a state of the art indoor broadband modem, a power supply and an internet enabled laptop. Our engineers can professionally install the equipment for you.
  • We will recommend an appropriate package based on an initial pre assessment of your project, where we will take into account the number of potential users, project length, location and service add-ons required. We offer a range of lease or outright purchase options for equipment and monthly allowances from 10GB to 200GB. Some plans include unlimited data over-night and volume boosters are available that can be added at any time.
  • The modem can be easily linked to a wireless router for fast broadband around your site should you wish to do so.
  • The modem connects to the internet by transmitting data to and from the satellite via the dish at download speeds of up to 22mbps and upload at up to 6mbps.
  • At the end of the project, our engineer will return to your site to dismantle the satellite dish for you. Alternatively you can do it yourself. If you have signed up to an outright purchase agreement, you keep the equipment for set up at your next project.